Best Curly Hair Tips - How to Style Curly Hair?

Those who have curly hair can consider themselves very lucky! The strands full of curls are beautiful, but to have beautiful curly hair around, you need to know your strands very well and learn to take care of them properly!

  1. When washing your hair, lay your hair back

So the hair will not get tangled and broken. And do not fill your head with shampoo: just a few drops are enough. Keep in mind that the abundance of foam negatively affects the structure of curly hair.

  1. Use only sulfate-free shampoos

When choosing a new shampoo, make sure that it is sulfate-free: it does not dry and gently cleanses vulnerable hair, and prevents keratin from breaking down. Good sulfate-free shampoos are sold at beauty salons or professional hair salons. However, the brands of the mass market can also find good sulfate-free shampoos. You can find the natural sulfate-free shampoos in seredipityhouse.

  1. From time to time, replace shampoo with conditioner

It is believed that under the influence of shampoo, the hair begins to dry. Therefore, conduct an experiment: at least once a week, wash your curls not with shampoo, but with a normal conditioner. Its cleansing components are enough to refresh hair for 1-2 days.

  1. Comb the hair with a comb with sparse teeth

It is a comb with rare teeth that best tames naughty curls. Get used to combing curls from the bottom up: start from the tips and gradually move to the roots. This way you won’t get tassels and do not leave half of the hair on the comb.

By the way, curls need to be combed immediately after washing (although this is usually not recommended), while they are still wet. But if you decide to straighten your hair, then you cannot pull it out with brushing immediately after washing, it is better to pre-dry it naturally or with a hairdryer with a diffuser.

  1. Find a microfiber towel

Do you want your hair to dry and turn into elastic and even curls? Throw away your terry towel and replace it with a microfiber towel! This fabric consists of softer fibers: they will not spoil the natural shape of your curls. It is good if the towel is slightly damp and soft, and not dry and hard.

  1. Try the harness technique

Small life hack for curly young ladies: after you wash your hair and dry it slightly with a towel, twist the entire volume into small flagella (from 4 to 10 over the entire head, depending on the thickness of the hair). Secure the harnesses with plastic clips, apply styling agents to them and blow-dry with a hairdryer. Believe me, your curls will be amazing!

  1. Set up a hair bath

Usually, curly hair is dry. So the main care is their intensive and regular hydration. One of the most effective ways is to master a home hair bath and do it at least once a week. You will need air conditioning, a shower cap, a towel, and a hairdryer.

Apply conditioner to your hair (you can add a few drops of argan oil, coconut or jojoba oil), put on a shower cap, soak a towel and wrap it around your head. Now warm your hair with a hairdryer for 30 minutes, then remove the towel, hat and wash your hair. The hair will become incredibly soft and silky.

  1. Special Technique for Hair Cutting

For cutting long curly hair there is a special technique. It is quite complex, requires special skill, patience and sleight of hand. The difficulty is that the stylist must methodically reduce the weight of the strand with the tips of the scissors. To do this, the master pulls the strand and cuts the hair in random order, as if laying out the brickwork.

  1. Use a toothbrush to apply polish

You are familiar with the situation when you made beautiful styling. Filling them with oil is not a good idea, because then not only these strands, but also the hair around them will become a stake. And we want the styling to seem natural, and the curls to be free and light.

What to do with such stubborn locks? Just use your toothbrush: apply a little oil to it and spread it over the naughty curly hair. She will return to her place, and the rest of her hair will remain naturally soft.

  1. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Believe it or not, silk pillowcases preserve the beautiful shape of curls and practically do not spoil the styling (it's all about friction with the hair. Cotton creates the friction but silk does not).

  1. Make a bun before bedtime

A silk pillowcase is, of course, good, but she is not such a sorceress either. After an 8-hour sleep, the hair will still be wrinkled, the curls will look untidy and shaggy. To avoid tangled strands and broken curls, sleep with a free beam. Protect it with a silicone rubber band that does not injure your hair.

  1. A hoop is a lifesaver for curly hair if there's no time

No time for styling? Put a nice hoop or hairband on your head. Your damp hair will be saved by a hoop. It'll straighten to the top of your head and no one will think you've gathered in five minutes in the morning and didn't even have time to brush!