Choosing Eco-Friendly Food Storage Bags

Have you noticed the different types of food packaging available on the market? There are so many variations of materials, technologies, and costs that it is difficult to quickly define which option to choose for your product.


The packaging is an essential factor for the storage, transport, and dissemination of your product must be designed and executed with great attention. Thinking to help you in this task, we prepared a post with 6 items that must be carefully analyzed when choosing the eco-friendly packaging of your business. Check out!


1. Protection and security

One of the first items to be considered is the role that packaging plays in protecting the product. It must maintain the integrity of the food during transport and distribution, avoiding damage to the contents. The guarantee against tampering must also be provided through seals, seals, or other devices that guarantee safety for the consumer.


  1. Preservation of products

Factors such as humidity, light, and contact with air can harm food. The packaging is essential for the preservation of food, reducing the possibilities of contamination, controlling the thermal variation, and maintaining the original characteristics of the product.


3. Relevant information

Food packaging is one of the main communication vehicles, both for transport and storage and for the final consumer. It is important to be aware of the industry regulations for each type of product, ensuring that the necessary information is available in a clear and direct way.


4. Use of food packaging

Adding extra functions to packaging is a great way to differentiate your product from the competition. Using resources such as dosing lids, open-and-close bags, decorated pots that can go to the table, among many others is a way to improve the use of food, bring more customer satisfaction, and increase sales.


5. Marketing tool

It is not possible to neglect such an important space when it comes to working on the image of your company. The packaging must be attractive to the target audience and show the values ​​of your business.


Investing in good design and eco-friendly material can guarantee great success in communicating your product at the point of sale. It is important that the layout chosen for the packaging is part of the visual identity of the brand, follows the established color pattern, and is adapted to the specific segment.


6. Market characteristics

Keeping an open line of communication with customers and staying on top of technology news and consumer trends are ways to keep up to date. This is essential for changes in the market to be noticed as soon as possible, giving the chance for quick adjustments and repositioning of products, when necessary.


Paying attention to these items, before and during the planning process, it is easier to predict and avoid problems that can cause damage to your business. Another important item is having trained professionals to supply raw material and develop packaging, as they have the necessary technical knowledge and can help even more in the success of your product.


Did you have any questions or have any other tips for the production of eco-friendly food packaging? Leave your comment in the post!