Dandelion Kills Cancer Cells

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) has many medicinal properties, thanks to which it has found application in natural medicine. However, most often it is treated as a nuisance weed. Meanwhile, dandelion has potential anti-cancer properties. Dandelion also helps liver normal functioning. Here you will get to know the anti-cancer properties of dandelion and tea made from the dandelion. 

Anti Cancer properties of Dandelion

Dandelion has anti-cancer properties. That's what scientists from Canada say. They found that the condition of some cancer patients improved after drinking dandelion tea (containing this plant's root extract).

The study includes 6,000 doses of tea and 30 patients with blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphomas that do not respond to traditional treatments.

Dandelion instead of chemotherapy?

The internet has been rumored that infusion of dandelion root fights cancer better than chemotherapy because it kills cancer cells. Of course, the statement that drinking dandelion tea will cure cancer has little to do with the truth. This study was conducted at the University of Windsor, Canada. They have actually proved that the substances contained in the plant kill cancer cells, but the studies have not yet been confirmed in clinical tests. 

Researchers with Dr. Siyaram Pandey showed how a specific extract (concentrated five times more than commercially available mixtures) kills cancer cells without destroying the others. This process lasted about 48 hours. Drinking dandelion infusion in people with cancer won't hurt,

Dandelion root - tea

We can buy a drink in health food stores. You can find the box of dandelion root tea that kills cancer cells. You can also make the tea yourself. To do this, you need to boil a liter of water and add two teaspoons of chopped dandelion root. The contents of the vessel need to be stirred for about a minute. Then the pot should be removed from the heat and set aside for about 40 minutes. After straining the infusion, the tea is ready to drink.

You can also cut the dandelion herb. We collect flowers when they begin to grow. Remember that we pick them without a peduncle. Fresh dandelion leaves are made with spring salads or a diuretic juice. In turn, dried leaves are used to make an infusion, which also has anti-cancer properties. Wine or syrup is prepared from dandelion flowers. 

Dandelion tea made from natural ingredients that contain all the properties to fight against cancer cells. Instant herbal blend not only refreshes you instantly but also fights against your potential can cancer cells.


One of the plants that are gaining ground in alternative cancer treatments is dandelion. This plant is famous all over the world for its many beneficial properties for health. Furthermore, the anti-cancer effect has proved to be more powerful than chemotherapy.


The dandelion tea acts on cancer cells and kills them. So, taking dandelion tea will help you stay away from cancer for the rest of your life.