Eco-friendly Cleaning Products for Home

A well-cleaned home is a healthy home. By cleaning it and keeping it clean, you can free your home from many microorganisms and allergens. To achieve maximum purity, you can get numerous detergents or cleaning agents that differ in their specific formula. In practice, household cleaning products usually have the same composition. So products for cleaning and washing various surfaces will allow you to replace the specialized products. It is important to choose not only effective but also safe Eco-friendly means for cleaning an apartment or house.


Harm from detergents with a different chemical base

Few people realize how harmful cleaning chemicals are! Because the manufacturer is often not required to provide such information. Cleaning agents contain powerful toxic substances that have harmful effects not only on human health but also on the environment. The use of harmful cleaning agents can lead to the following effects:


  • Irritation of the eyes, 
  • nasopharynx, or throat; 
  • Headache; 
  • Malaise; 
  • Lethargy; 
  • Nausea,
  • chronic fatigue syndrome.


Phosphates, which are part of washing powders, trigger the reproduction of certain types of algae. After discharging such a liquid into soil or water reservoirs, you can observe a change in the color of the water, an unpleasant smell or the death of the inhabitants of the water medium.



Harmful components

Effects on the body


Dishwashing detergents

Sodium salt

Toxic poisoning of the body, the formation of oncological tumors


Window cleaners

Compounds of nitrogen with hydrogen

Fatal if swallowed


Air fresheners


Nausea, asthmatic cramps, frequent mood swings, lethargy, fatigue irritability, depression


Furniture polish


High probability of toxic poisoning, the occurrence of cancer


Universal cleaners

Propylene Glycol

It reduces the immunity of the body. Also irrigating the respiratory tract and causing irritation on the skin


Fat Remover

Butylene ethylene glycol

Adverse effects on the liver, kidneys, central nervous system


Cleaning products for bathroom and toilet

Chlorine, Phenol, Paradichlorobenzene

Irritating to the eyes, lungs, and skin. There are many cases of poisoning in children. Ingestion can result in death

In order to reduce or eliminate the impact of such substances on the human body, it is better to switch to the use of eco-friendly products. Safe cleaning products can be divided into ecological and organic ones. These products are distinguished by their natural components, their hypoallergenic and the absence of phosphates.


How to choose the right cleaning products

Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of different cleaning products. What to look for when choosing safe products?



The production of such products should be based on the use of only natural ingredients, which are also harmless and safe. Sometimes among the components of such funds, you can find essential oils, soda, alcohol, organic acids or other components. In addition to natural ingredients, the product will have a pleasant smell.

Hypoallergenicity and purpose 

To ensure the safety of the product for the human body, it should include hypoallergenic components. The purpose of eco-facilities is quite extensive. Among them can be found for cleaning or washing: 

  • Windows; 
  • Glass; 
  • Lingerie; 
  • Dishes; 
  • Gender; 
  • Removing traces of scale from plumbing; 
  • Universal remedies.


Many companies specialize in the production of organic cleaning products. Some of them have recently appeared on the modern market, while others have already gained recognition and popularity among many users. Advantages of eco-friendly products:


  • Minimized environmental impact; 
  • There is no sharp chemical smell; 
  • Harm to the human body is minimized;
  • Natural ingredients in the composition; 
  • It can be used even for children


What green products can do for your home


  1. Eliminates the risks to your family's health - Normally industrialized cleaning products carry a dangerous amount of chemicals. In some cases, even when the concentrations are modest, there is enough to harm the human body. Even respiratory allergies and endocrine disorders can be triggered by these products.


A problem that will be added to this is that we never know exactly what is in the compositions. Because even with the information available on the label few people know the elements listed. And fewer people know what health effects they can have. 


With ecological products the situation is different. You will know exactly what you will be consuming and will not incur the risks of allergy and contamination.


  1. Reduces handling risks - Whoever has children and pets at home needs to take extra care. However, if we have already mentioned the possible toxicity of industrialized cleaning products, there are still handling risks to add. 


After all, most of these substances are reactive and can be flammable. For example, If that wasn't enough, mixing some products improperly can pose risks to your life.


No wonder these products are classified among the 5 most common causes of poisoning. The ecological alternative, again, eliminates all these risks for your family. There is no toxicity or associated danger that can be cited in this case.


  1. Collaborates with the preservation of the environment - The problems that industrialized products bring to the environment begin with their manufacture. In addition, they contain substances that are not biodegradable. And very often they make use of non-renewable resources, such as oil.


On the other hand, the manufacture of environmentally friendly products is entirely sustainable. The substances used are non-toxic and also biodegradable. The opposite total of the industrialized.


  1. Helps save money - To conclude, we have left as one more benefit of ecological cleaning products. In addition, the cleaning function of many of these substances will be multipurpose. The result is that you won't have to buy multiple products for different situations.


We could raise many other benefits in addition to those already mentioned. However, these 4 topics summarize where the impact of using environmentally friendly cleaning products will be most felt.


Best eco-friendly cleaning products 

Many manufacturers produce eco-friendly cleaning products, but among them are proven and well-established in the modern market. It is worth talking about them in more detail.


Laundry detergent

SEVENTH GENERATION Liquid Laundry is one of the ecological cleaning products you should know and try! The brand name itself, Seventh Generation , already reveals a little of its purpose: all of its products consider the impact it will have in the next seven generations.


The Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Detergent is made with a formula based on plants (97% of vegetable origin), biodegradable and without dyes, synthetic fragrances, or artificial brighteners, and scented with essential oil.. In addition, the packaging is made of 100% recycled plastic and is not tested on animals.


Dishwashing detergent

Yes, there are also eco-friendly cleaning solutions for dishwashing detergents! This one does not have any dyes, preservatives, phosphates and the like, besides having a totally recyclable packaging. It guarantees a cleaning as effective as a chemical-filled version. BIOKLEEN LemonThyme Dishwash Liquid is eco friendly and meets all the requirements of a quality dishwasher.



You already know why you should use products that do not pose a risk to your health or the environment. How about a quality service to close the equation? Serendipity House Organic Shop offers specialized eco-friendly cleaning products for your house. Take a look at our green products and discover the option that best suits your needs.