Health Benefits and Uses: Grapefruit

Grapefruit, have you ever heard of it? It belongs to the hybrid fruit group, although it is not very popular, it can be quietly found in markets or horticultural in the country. Full of nutrients for our body, especially vitamins and minerals, know the reasons that make this food a very healthy and tasty option to include in our daily lives, combining juices, soft drinks, or any other natural and delicious preparation.


Grapefruit is the hybridism (a combination of the seeds of two different species) of the pomelo with the orange, resulting in a powerful citric fruit. According to the nutritionists, it is a recommended food for a healthy alimentary plan, because it has essential nutrients for the functions of our organism:


Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, being a great ally for anemic individuals (since the substance increases the absorption of iron). It also has large amounts of beta-carotene and flavonoids, thus promoting the elimination of toxins, improving digestive and renal function. The fruit also strengthens the hair and nails.


Why grapefruit is so good for your health?

1 - It prevents cells from precocious aging: Rich in antioxidating agents, the fruit acts diminishing the actions of the free radicals on the organism, helping to maintain the skin healthy, free of wrinkles and expression marks for longer.


2 - Improves cardiovascular health: The fruit is a good source of dietary fiber, substances that act to improve the health of the heart, decreasing the risks of infarction, strokes, stroke, and other complications. Grapefruit is also rich in potassium, a mineral that improves blood coagulation.


3 - It strengthens the immune system: with high levels of vitamin C in its composition, the grapefruit leaves the organism far from colds and flu that can disturb the disposition and the work routine. The fruit also has antiviral and antifungal properties, preventing bacteria and viruses from attacking the body.


4 - It supplies energy: Do you know that tiredness caused by the wearing routine of work? The grapefruit can give an important up, because it provides sugar to the organism, without causing sugar peaks in the blood, guaranteeing disposition for a whole day.


5 - It helps to lose weight: The grapefruit, for being rich in alimentary fibers, substances responsible for providing satiety and, thus, making us eat less in the next meals.


6 - It helps the digestive process: The fibers found on the fruit help with the intestine regulation, diminishing constipation, constipation, and even indigestion, which causes burning and irritability on the stomach. Besides, for being a low caloric fruit, the grapefruit is also easily digested.


Forms of consumption: how to enjoy the benefits of fruit in food?

- Juices: A grapefruit juice can help make your breakfast more complete and ensure energy for the day you are starting. It can also be combined with other fruit pulps, especially citrus ones, which complete each other, like pineapple, acerola, or the traditional lemon juice.

- Tea: For the coldest days of the year, the fruit can be served as tea, without changing the benefits.

- Sweets and jams: How about preparing a healthy dessert with grapefruit? The fruit can be made in jam form, taking advantage of the whole fruit or as jam, adding sugar and other ingredients.

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