How Effective is Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss?

Dandelion tea contributes to weight loss due to its diuretic qualities. It helps to remove excess fluid from the body, which when overweight often lingers in the cells, interfering with healthy metabolic processes.

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is usually considered an annoying weed, but it is also eaten and widely used in herbal medicine. Drinking dandelion tea is a good way to achieve the goal of losing weight, which many people use and achieve excellent results without any side effects. Consult your doctor before adding it to your diet to make sure it is safe for you.

What is dandelion?

Dandelion is a type of flowering plant belongs to family Asteraceae. Although most consider it a weed, this plant has great benefits for human health. In alternative medicine, it is used as a medicinal plant for the treatment of a number of diseases and complications. The native land of the plant in North America, Asia, and Europe. Now you can meet him in almost any part of the world.

Dandelion is rich in nutrients. It is a good source of all vitamins except vitamin D. It also contains:

  • sodium
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • phosphorus
  • iron
  • zinc

This plant is also rich in proteins and carbohydrates. The high fiber content contributes to the laxative and detoxifying properties of dandelion.

Dandelion Tea Benefits

Dandelion has a high potassium content, which gives it diuretic properties, which contribute to the removal of water from the body. Thanks to this, you can easily lose up to two kilograms of weight per week, while drinking from 2 to 3 cups of this tea per day. Studies show that dandelion extract can increase urination within 5 hours after ingestion.

In addition to the diuretic effect, it also has other positive effects on weight loss:

  • removes toxins from the body
  • reduces bloating
  • inhibits adipogenesis
  • improves digestion

Dandelion tea is low in calories. One cup contains only 2-3 calories. Thus, if you are used to drinking a high-calorie drink, such as soda, which contains 150 calories per cup, switching to dandelion tea, you will consume 145 calories less per day.

Another positive effect of dandelion tea for weight loss is that it improves digestion, stimulating gastric secretion, and also accelerates the breakdown of fats and cholesterol in the body. If your digestion is sluggish, the body will accumulate waste, retain water and accumulate calories in the form of fat, and not use them as energy. Thus, this drink can help you lose weight and improve digestion.

Drinking this drink regularly can increase your stamina. This can help with physical exercises, because the more you exercise, the more calories you will burn.

How to drink

  1. Tea from dried leaves should be drunk for 1-2 tsp. 3 times a day. Pour the leaves with hot water and let stand for 10 minutes.
  2. Root broth should be taken at ½ tsp. 3 times a day. Let the dried roots boil in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, filter and take in between meals.
  3. Take a powdered extract of a dandelion leaf or root in a dosage of 500 mg 1-3 times a day.
  4. Drink 30% alcohol tincture of the roots/leaves of a medicinal weed 30-60 drops three times a day, after diluting it with water.

Self-made dandelion tea is not intended for long-term storage, as over time it acquires a bitter aftertaste.

The drink can also be used as a means of liver detoxification. By removing toxins from the body, plant agents strengthen liver cells. The normal operation of this body allows you to more efficiently break down fats that come with food and prevents the increase of cholesterol. Improving the work of the gastrointestinal tract is another positive aspect of drinking dandelion tea for weight loss. With good digestion, the body requires significantly less food to reproduce the necessary energy.

Feasible side effects

Although dandelion tea is generally considered safe, in rare cases a number of side effects are possible:

  • frequent urination
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • allergy
  • heartburn
  • thirst
  • muscle spasms
  • nausea
  • headache
  • very tired

The biggest problem with using dandelion tea for weight loss is that it only leads to the loss of water, not fat. Therefore, as soon as the body accumulates water again, you are likely to gain weight again.


With regular use, dandelion tea can help you lose a few extra pounds. Other benefits of the drink are that it improves brain health, the digestive system, vision, strengthens the immune system, helps with acne and acne, lowers blood pressure, prevents gallbladder disease, is a natural remedy for constipation and much more. Therefore, use it to prevent health problems, and the best part is that it can also help you lose weight in just a month.

To lose a significant amount of excess weight, you must create a calorie deficit. For best results, combine healthy eating with increased physical activity.

So, Did you know about all the potential health benefits of dandelion tea and weight loss? Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments below!