Serendipity House Insists On Caring For The Earth And Selects 5 Eco-Friendly Products That Use Biodegradable Ingredients

Serendipity House, founded in 2004, seeks to deliver everyday Serendipitous Product Experiences in your house. We are a faith-based, ecologically and socially responsible business that thinks serendipitous encounters should be egalitarian. Everyone has a natural right to live an environmentally sustainable and healthy lifestyle at the best price. Serendipity House expanded over a decade, step by step, to become the exclusive distributor of over 1000 globally sourced, natural, and organic products. We are in a unique position to give you and your family a healthier and more natural living environment since that is what we would want for our loved ones. Personal well-being is becoming an increasingly important aspect of everyone's daily routine, whether it's yoga, green juice, or a beloved beauty practice.


Serendipity House's Exclusive Brand Portfolio comprises world-renowned brands such as Biokleen, GreenBeaver, Naturigin & Natulique, Seventh Generation, Derma E, etc. We operate in more than 20 categories, with our brands frequently ranking as category leaders. In addition, Serendipity House collaborates with prominent worldwide consolidators to offer over 100 brands to consumers at the most competitive pricing.



  1. We have faith in you.
  2. We believe in receiving comments.
  3. We believe in making an unwavering effort to deliver the finest service possible before, during, and after each purchase.
  4. Every house, we feel, should have its own serendipitous experience.
  5. We think that we should be lovers of our goods, using them in our homes, and businesses
  6. We properly believe in giving back to the socially conscious community of Hong Kong.



BioBag is a market leader in organic waste-collecting bags. BioBags, unlike normal plastic, may be eaten by microorganisms found in our soils. Because we utilize starches derived from renewable crops, our bags may be composted in municipal composting facilities with the organic trash. Our objective is to keep all naturally organic trash out of our landfills. Food waste, yard trash, paper waste, and pet waste are all included. BioBag isn't a major corporation that manufactures petroleum-based plastic bags and is now dabbling in the new area of biodegradable bags. Instead, we are a small firm of devoted people who are 100% committed to creating only certified biodegradable bags and films. That is all we do!

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SEVENTH GENERATION Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

It would help if you properly had a dependable garbage bag in your kitchen; we've all experienced the experience of a trash bag breaking as we take it out. Yuck. Because Gencore® 3-layer technology sandwiched recycled material between two layers of virgin plastic, these bags are robust and resistant to ripping, providing you peace of mind when you pull your garbage bag out of the can. In addition, these drawstring kitchen garbage bags comprise 65 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, while the flap tie bags are 55 percent recycled plastic (minimum 16 percent post-consumer recycled plastic).

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Seventh Generation Nat Paper Towels, 120 Cnt, 120-Count

In jumbo rolls, natural brown paper towels are created from 100 percent recycled paper and 80 percent post-consumer material. Purchasing items created from recycled paper reduces the need for virgin wood pulp, resulting in more trees remaining to stand. Even when wet, two-ply paper towels absorb spills rapidly. Paper towels with no lint are perfect for cleaning windows and other shiny surfaces. Towels that are hypoallergenic and odorless have no extra colors or scents—one hundred percent recycled paper with at least 80 percent post-consumer content. Brown paper towels have not been whitened. White paper towels have not been whitened. White paper towels are whitened without the use of chlorine-containing chemicals. The FDA has not reviewed statements about dietary supplements, and they are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

  • Two-ply paper towels are sturdy, absorbent, and ready to handle any problem.
  • Made from 100 percent recycled paper and free of colors, inks, and scents.
  • Spills are rapidly absorbed, even when wet.
  • Recycled paper products contribute to a reduction in the need for virgin wood pulp.

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Tom's of Maine 

This fluoride-free toothpaste has natural components that help to prevent tartar formation and eliminate surface stains. Zinc citrate is created from zinc, a naturally occurring mineral, and xylitol is a natural component derived from birch trees or maize. Furthermore, the natural flavor of peppermint will make you look forward to cleaning your teeth. Tom's of Maine products contain only ingredients that fulfill the company's stewardship criteria for natural, sustainable, and responsible sourcing, empowering families to live more naturally. Tom's of Maine is a Certified B-Corp, which means it satisfies the highest social and environmental performance criteria and public openness. Every year, they contribute 10% of our sales to national and local charitable organizations that promote health, education, and the environment. That means we utilize real, natural ingredients at Tom's of Maine.

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ECOS Non-Toxic Fruit + Veggie Wash: 22oz Spray Bottle by Earth Friendly Products

The power of plants is used by ECOS Mother & Child Fruit and Vegetable Wash to remove pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, grime, and wax from the surface of fruits and vegetables. Independent lab tests indicate that 99.9% of bacteria (including e-Coli), soil, dirt, wax, and other pollutants are removed from fruit and vegetables with no residue, taste, or odor. Spray and rinse your fruits and veggies; it is safe to use with septic and greywater systems.

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