Stay Ahead of Your Seasonal Allergies

The main problem and reason why more and more people suffer from seasonal allergies are that the body is overloaded with toxins that we accumulate and absorb through the air, water, clothing, personal hygiene products, and the food we consume. So this article will talk about how you can stay ahead of the seasonal allergies.

The liver is one of the vital cleansing organs par excellence and one to which we must pay the most attention in terms of filtering toxins. In addition, maintaining a good state of the digestive tract will be crucial to avoid hyperpermeability (if the walls of the intestine are inflamed, pathological microorganisms or food particles that have not been sufficiently digested can pass through the pores of the intestinal barrier and be identified as bodies strangers inside the body, which will react adversely and generate an allergic reaction) and maintain a strong immune system.

Clean eating: eat clean

The ideal is to follow a toxin-free diet, a cleansing diet that facilitates the expulsion of toxins accumulated in the body. By eliminating toxins we reduce the load on the body's purification pathways as we allow better filtering and management of allergens.

We must avoid processed foods, all packaged and with unknown ingredients; those that can irritate the digestive system such as coffee, alcohol, gluten, and dairy; and all those that contain a lot of saturated fats and that require long digestion, such as red meat, milk, cheese and other derivatives.

It is good to consume anti-inflammatory, cleansing foods, rich in quercetin (antioxidant with antihistamine properties), and beneficial for the intestinal flora. And you know what? Spring is the perfect season to carry out a more detox diet, as it is full of products that give us these excellent properties.

  • Green leafy vegetables and vegetables with more bitter flavors, such as cabbages, spinach, artichokes, arugula, dandelion, endives, and asparagus, which will help us purify the liver and oxygenate and cleanse the blood.
  • Infusions or extracts of artichoke, which will help us to cleanse the liver, as well as spirulina or Chlorella, which purify the blood due to its high chlorophyll content.
  • Foods with prebiotic properties, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, as well as probiotic foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha tea, and water kefir, which help maintain a healthy intestinal biota.
  • Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, for their anti-inflammatory effect, such as green leafy vegetables, chia seeds, flax and hemp, and bluefish.
  • Infusions and tonics with antihistamine effect and that help calm the symptoms of allergies such as butterbur or also known as butterbur, nettle infusions, goldenseal root tonics ( Hydrastis canadensis ).

Home hygiene

Rule number one: keep a house free of dust and mites. For this, a household cleaning routine must be followed to avoid the accumulation of irritating substances in the mucous membranes. An additional option is to use an air filtering system at home, which removes irritating dust and pollen. It should be noted that this option can be somewhat expensive and that, once the allergen is inside the body, this method does not have much impact on reducing symptoms. Use natural cleaning products to maintain your home hygiene to avoid allergies. 

Alternative medicine

In addition to any natural home remedy, a great benefit can be found by visiting a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who practices acupuncture. Based on the idea that pressing external points on the body can change or initiate internal reactions within the body, acupuncture affects the immune system at the points where allergic reactions begin.

Paying attention to the food we eat, following order and hygiene at home, and taking care of the body is, as always, the key to well-being. It is in our hands to stop suffering from seasonal allergies, so let's end the itching, stuffy nose, and sneezing and enjoy the smells and colors that spring brings us.