3 Ways to Alleviate Contact Dermatitis: Best Dishwashing Liquids

Irritated skin, redness, tenderness, peeling, and blisters - contact dermatitis symptoms are a great discomfort to patients, but the worst part is that these symptoms are often recurring. While contact dermatitis cannot be fully cured, with care and attention, avoiding chemicals that irritate the skin and other allergens, the symptoms of contact dermatitis can be alleviated. Reports by the consumer council analyze the ingredients of many dishwashing detergent brands and they remind consumers to try to avoid products containing preservatives such as methylisothiazolinone (MIT), methylchloroisothiazolinone (CMIT), and benzisothiazolinone (BIT). Serendipity House has created a summary of the consumer council’s report, and also offers a dishwashing liquid that has been tested and recommended by the council. Continue reading for more information.


Alleviate Contact Dermatitis (1) Seek treatment sooner rather than later

Many people are under the misconception that contact dermatitis occurs naturally when washing too many dishes. They apply vaseline and call it a day, but they fail to address the real problem. This can cause irritation and inflammation from the contact dermatitis to worsen. You should seek treatment when eczema symptoms present themselves. You may need to be tested for allergens and find the cause of the irritation to alleviate the dermatitis symptoms.


Alleviate Contact Dermatitis (2) Hydrate your hands

Contact Dermatitis, also known as “housewife's hand”, is caused when allergic reactions occur because the skin’s barrier becomes weakened and damaged by irritants. Applying hand cream twice daily can help create a protective layer on the surface of your skin to avoid moisture loss through the skin and alleviate itchy symptoms caused by dryness.

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Alleviate Contact Dermatitis (3) Avoid touching chemicals

We often come into contact with different types of cleaners and detergents. Dishwashing liquid, for example, is something we must use after each meal. If the detergent contains chemical additives, they can damage our skin’s natural barrier and cause irritation and allergic symptoms. The consumer council's test report shows that many brands on the market contain allergens in their ingredient lists. Using topical creams for contact dermatitis treats the symptoms but doesn’t fix the actual problem. The best fix is to avoid coming into contact with allergens or preservatives. Try out some of these effective and organic dishwashing liquids.

Consumer council recommended dishwashing liquid: Attitude Living Citrus Zest Dishwashing Liquid - The consumer council highly recommends this preservative-free, ECOLOGO® Certified, biodegradable, effective dishwashing liquid that is perfect for daily use.

PETA-certified 100% vegan: Attitude Living Wildflowers Dishwashing Liquid - This Canadian top organic brand uses natural plants and minerals to create a product that will effectively remove stubborn stains and is gentle on the hands.

Natural plant-based ingredients: Lemon Thyme Natural Dish Liquid - This soap contains lemon and thyme-scented plant-based ingredients, it is not tested on animals, and uses biodegradable methods to remove fats and grease residue from cooking.

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