7 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Colored Hair

Colored hair is increasingly in fashion, and many people dream of changing their locks to the famous fantasy tones. This is a change that promotes a lot of attitudes and gives personality to those who use these tones.


From blue to pink, from purple to orange, from the rainbow to more closed tones, the colored hair is beautiful. It combines all skin tones and hair types. If you want to change the color of your hair and are looking to dare, this can be a great alternative.


However, the look of colored hair requires that you pay close attention to your strands. You will need to take a lot of care with your locks so that they are beautiful and healthy. Thus, guaranteeing the brightness in day and the tones always renewed.


The tendency of colored threads is that they start to fade after a certain point when retouching will be necessary. This retouching time can be increased if you maintain a routine for maintaining the wires.


That is why, here, we will present 7 very valuable tips for taking care of your colored hair with mastery. From hydrating to rebuilding the threads, from finishing to thermal protection, these tips focus on increasing the durability and color intensity of your beautiful threads.


More and more people have joined the fashion of colored hair. From the most discreet to those with bright and flashy colors, the bold and modern look seems to be here to stay. Great!


But colored hair requires some types of special care that aim at maintaining the color as well as the shine and vitality of the locks. So, if you have adhered to this fashion, here are some tips to keep your look always on top.


Characteristics of colored hair

One of the first complaints of those who adhere to colored hair is dryness. This is because the coloring process also involves the discoloration process. At this stage, the hair color pigments will be removed so that the new color can be received.


In order for the discoloration process to have the desired effect, the pH of the yarn is greatly increased. This causes the hair fiber cuticles to open completely, allowing hydration to escape. And then the hair becomes dry and dull.


In addition, dyeing alone is an aggressive procedure that acts on the structure of the hair. Therefore, it is important to follow some steps as a way to ensure that your colored hair is not only a beautiful color but also a  lot of shine and vitality.


How to care for colored hair

This great trend in the fashion world has won the hearts of women and has become a great way of expressing their personalities.


From the highlights to the complete dye, from the lights to the nuances, colored hair needs specific care. This care is focused on maintaining your health and color. They will intensify the color of your beautiful threads, making them even brighter for longer.


1. Keep hydration up to date

The secret to well-groomed hair is hydration, and we all know that. This is the best-known treatment and one of the most efficient for those who want to take care of their hair and keep their hair healthy.


But those with colored hair should pay even more attention to this important stage of hair care.


This is because the hair loses a lot of water during the discoloration and coloring period, and hydration will be important to recover lost moisture and fight dryness.


     2. Use specific products for colored hair

There are many different products focused on specific care according to hair needs, and this is a marvel. You have definitely been to a pharmacy or supermarket and see shelves full of products.


Those shelves full of specific creams for colored hair are not for nothing. These products will help to keep the hair cuticles sealed, protecting the color and making it last longer.


In addition, these lines are designed to specifically provide the vitamins and nutrients that colored hair needs, meeting all the needs of your locks and, thus, highlighting the color and prolonging its vitality.


3. Bet on sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate shampoos usually promote a deep cleaning of the hair, which can be good when there is, for example, accumulation of residues, the famous build-up effect .


But for women with colored hair, sulfate shampoos can also result in faster removal of color pigments. This is because this type of shampoo opens the hair cuticles to remove the impurities present there and, due to the way it acts, it ends up removing both the hydration and the coloring.


Therefore, bet on sulfate-free shampoos, which will make hair hygiene without removing the color.


    4. Adhere to the schedule

You have probably heard of the hair care routine called the hair schedule. It can be interesting for women with colored hair. This is because, in its three stages, it promotes hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction of the hair fiber. In this way, it returns all the moisture, nutrients, vitamins, and proteins lost during the coloring process.


Consider adhering to the capillary schedule before you even change your hair color, because that way, your hair will be healthier the moment you go through the chemical procedure. You can also bet on a natural moisturizing hair mask to retain moisture. 


     5. Without hairdryer and flat iron

Colored hair is naturally more dry due to the loss of hydration during the coloring process. So, when we frequently use heat tools like the dryer and the flat iron, we contribute to the hair loss of even more moisture.


Try to reduce the use of these tools and remember to always use a thermal protector when you choose any of them, as it will soften the action of heat on the hair fiber.


    6. Sunscreen for hair

Think with me: if you put sunscreen on your skin every time you go to the beach, it's because you want to protect yourself from the sun, right? So why would it be any different with your wires? They need to be protected to stay healthy.


Summer is the time of year when colored hair suffers most from moisture loss. Fortunately, there are hair products that have sun protection factors.


These products will make the incision of UVA and UVB rays less harmful to your hair. They can be used all year round because even in winter the sun can contribute to hair dryness.


     7. Thermal water for hair can be an ally

You already realized that the key to keeping colored hair more alive for longer is hydration, right? Then consider adding thermal water for hair to your routine. This extremely versatile product can give that extra hydration dose to your locks.


By following these super simple tips, you will get your colored hair to stay brighter and the color to last much longer! All the best, isn't it?