Color Shades to Dye Your Hair This Chinese New Year

With the beginning of the Chinese new year comes an impulsive impulse to shake things up. While some enthusiastically go to the gym (so much so that January is the best month for enrollment) - for a few weeks, others will go to the hairdresser to change their look to fashion trends.

As the arrival of the year in china always happens in winter, the short and very short hair always comes back to fashion. But today we are not going to talk about fashion haircuts for the new Chinese year but the colors!

Pay attention to these beautiful color trends, because the beginning of winter, and even more so New Year's Eve, is the perfect time to finally decide on painting in a new color. After all, a new shade of hair can energize and make you feel refreshed and happy!

Look gorgeous with your next dye!

The stations in question are used to determine your colorimetry. In this way you can know what colors are best for you when dressing, putting on makeup and even dyeing your hair. Taking advantage of your personal characteristics is the goal. Three aspects are taken into account: eye color, skin, and natural hair.

With these elements, the station is determined. Based on them we can help you find suitable colors to make your skin look brighter, your eyes look prettier and the tone of your hair creates the perfect contrast with the rest.

Hair dye colors

When you dare to make a change of look in our hair, there is nothing more exciting than choosing a different hair color!

And when it comes to hair, not only a good cut will make you look different, but also the colors of hair dyes you choose to complement the change in style that you are looking for.

Currently, SEREDIPITYHOUSE has launched a very wide range of hair dye colors that allow you to choose between shades, techniques and fashion trends that best suit you based on your skin tone, haircut, and style.

If you are thinking about making a change look, surely you should have any doubts about what are the different colors of hair dyes that exist and the change or color effect that goes best with your personality. So we share a special guide of colors of hair, plus tricks and tips so you can get the right hair dye color for yourself.

Discover everything that will take this Chinese New Year between blonde, chocolate tones, blondes, or fantasy tones among others. There are many colors, wicks, and highlights to choose from!

Trend: Fashion hair colors 2020

For this Chinese New Year, trends in fashionable hair colors are varied and flattering for all skin tones and styles. There are some bold and striking hair tones, others in changes are more discreet and classic, everything also depends on our look and personal style. 

Among the fashionable hair colors preferred by the girls, the blond ones in honey and gold tones, the reddish ones like the brown and the coppery tones. The light brown ones stand out, always with a tendency towards the light colors, leaving aside the black colors.

It is worth noting that the fantasy shades are still going strong this Chinese New Year, but the color will also depend on the personality of each girl.

Discover all the trendy hair colors that will be worn this season

  • Blond: Among the favorite blond shades this season, is the blond style but with elegant sparkles that highlight the base. Looks great on women of any age and blends perfectly with any skin tone.
  • Copper blonde: The blonde tones will be in trend this year, and one of the most striking and imposing will be the copper blonde, which will become a little lighter than silver gray. Although it is a beautiful color, not all girls look good, especially because it requires a lot of care and maintenance.
  • Hair Dye Dark Blonde: The Hair Dye Dark Blonde is another of the shades that are attracting the attention of all celebrities. Because it is a tone that mixes the brown, beige and Dark Blonde tones that give a warm touch that looks perfect on blondes.
  • Brown:The brown tones will be a must-have this season, and it does not matter if it is a classic, they will never go out of style. Bet without hesitation for the brown chocolate, hazelnut and other tones that provide a lot of light. 
  • Red heads: Reddish hair colors will also set a trend this new year, so we recommend opting for coppery, or more discreet, red colors. Although it is a beautiful color, not all of them look good, so you must first identify what type of skin tone is best with the reddish tone you are looking for.

Tips for the subsequent care of your hair:

  • The first thing you should do as soon as you dye or carry out discoloration of your hair is to use a very moisturizing mask since this type of products dry out the hair a lot. There are specific tricks for each tone: infusion of chamomile for blond hair, chestnut tea and a splash of vinegar to highlight the brightness of black and red hair.
  • After dyeing, wait two or three days before washing your hair thoroughly. This will completely absorb the color. If you have to wash it, use conditioner and sulfate-free shampoos to avoid losing color.
  • Always try to use shampoo indicated for dyed hair. This reduces the drag of color pigments in each rinse which will prolong the duration of the dye.
  • Cut your hair at least once after dyeing, even if only the tips. Sanitizing hair helps keep our color longer.
  • To comb your hair use brushes with natural bristles, it will prevent hair breakage.
  • Reduce the use of the dryer, iron or curling iron. The hair is dry, lifeless and very porous which will make our color hardly last. It is best to use a protective product before drying. Thus we will keep hydrated, bright and with intense color.
  • If you bathe in the sea or in the pool, always rinse your hair to avoid losing shine. And if you expose yourself to the sun in summer for extended periods, use sunscreen products for your hair.

Now that you know everything about colors, discolorations, and dyes. What shade will you choose for your hair in this Chinese new year?