Growing Green with your baby

The arrival of a baby is the most beautiful and tender gift nature gives us. But it is also true that from the moment of gestation until birth and later development, both mothers and babies require special care.

That is why parents strive to offer this new being the best care and attention. Precisely for that reason, they seek the best for their well-being and health. At the present time, it is observed how there are several diseases that can affect babies. Because of pollution and the use of chemicals by manufacturers of food, hygiene products, utensils, and others.

The importance of giving them the best

The daily life of a mother and a father is a constant responsibility of activities and commitments to fulfill, both with the baby and with other members of the family or with society. A person's health in the first few days of life is much more vulnerable, as he still does not have the necessary defenses and any infection or illness can become more dangerous in his case.

For this reason, when caring for a baby, you should not rely on products of dubious origin.  Investing in natural and healthy products for the green growth of your babies that not only help to guarantee a healthier life for the little one but also mean monetary savings in the medium/long term. This care implies integral care that implies a correct feeding, extensive hygiene with products manufactured from elements of top quality, the appropriate immunizations and, above all, a lot of affection.

What is organic hygiene products for babies

Surely you do know that conventional hygiene products are mostly made up of chemicals. You will also have that many of these chemicals are considered dangerous to health. It is proven that conventional hygiene products contain very aggressive, allergenic and even carcinogenic ingredients. This can put your child’s health at risk. The more we use artificial substances in our baby’s skin, it can change and become dependent on these products.

Every day, you use a wide range of hygiene products for your baby; from shampoo and gel to moisturizers, wipes, diapers. All with a very pleasant smell that we remind us of a healthy baby… do you think that the products that cause such a pleasant perfume are being helpful for your body’s skin? Harmful substances, although used in small quantities, penetrate the pores of your baby’s skin and accumulate in their tissues. The Organic hygiene products for babies are considered the best for their care because they contain fatty acids very similar to those of the skin.

So they are less aggressive and take care of and protect the baby. They do not contain toxic or chemical substances that can penetrate your skin. Being made of natural ingredients they are more respectful of the environment and animals, so using these products you minimize the environmental impact by contributing in the care of our planet, in addition to helping fair trade.

What natural baby care products are you going to need?

There are a lot of bioproducts for baby care, since birth you can start using natural products for babies. Natural shampoo ensures a gentle wash, taking care and protecting your delicate scalp.  You can also find a wide range of  Moisturizing Lotion and Foaming Baby Shampoo & Wash Coconut. Other natural products for babies Green Beaver Jr. Haircare - Foaming Body Wash.  Especially the first months of life you have to be very careful with the baby’s skin so it will be better than these products be with a neutral PH.

When it comes to baby skincare, we should use body lotions that keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Your baby will be very relaxed and at ease, it is one of the best ways you can convey affection and tenderness to your baby. The baby not only experiences a feeling of physical well-being but also a touch of love.


When the weather is good, our baby is more at risk of burning because their skin is very thin. Our advice is that you always use an ecological sunscreen of high protection and that it has a physical factor because they protect from the first moment you apply it and do not penetrate your skin. We have to keep in mind that baby skins are very sensitive so they need sensitive skincare cream. Organic certified cream may be a better option for your baby.

Babyface skins are very delicate to care. They need very soft cream and organically made will be the option. They contain natural ingredients that will never harm their skin.

Oral care

Good oral hygiene should start at an earlier age than is usually thought. And is that the oral cleaning of children, along with the acquisition of the habit of its maintenance, will mean that the adult can keep their teeth for a lifetime. Therefore, it is important that this practice keeps going with toothpaste that has a loving flavor for children. There are other flavors like mint, orangegreen apple which children love very much.

Diapers for baby

One of the areas that most irritates the baby is the buttocks because the diaper is always wet. We have to take special care and try to treat this area in the most natural way possible. Use diaper changing creams enriched with natural extracts of coconut oil and moisturizing properties. Besides this moisturizing cream, there is a special skincare diaper for the sensitive skins.

Baby wipers

Changing a diaper is something you will be doing up to a dozen times a day with a newborn. And while you might just be thinking about what type of wipers you want to use, buying the best baby wipes for your baby is also crucial, because it will make the task at hand easier and calm and irritated skin.

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