How to Clean Toilets Correctly

Knowing how to clean the Toilets correctly is a great advantage that will speed up the task of cleaning this environment. You don't have to spend hours scrubbing the tile, mirror, box, and vase until you get everything in order. It is possible to leave this space free of bacteria and germs efficiently in a few minutes.


But, for this, it is important to follow some hygiene standards, use the appropriate cleaning products, and know some techniques to bring more practicality to this task. In addition, keeping this environment clean is essential to ensure disease prevention, bring more well-being and prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes and insects.


Want to know how to remove dirt from the Toilets and keep the environment in order? In this post, we will pass on the main tips on how you can clean this environment in the right way. Keep reading!


Why dedicate yourself to cleaning the Toilets?

Toilets hygiene deserves special attention within any home. After all, it serves to eliminate waste and waste produced by the body and is one of the most used and shared rooms by those who live in the same home. Therefore, this environment accumulates many bacteria and microorganisms and is potentially the gateway to many diseases.


How to clean your Toilets correctly?

Here are some tips to help you clean your apartment Toilets.


1. Have the right products and materials

Cleaning the Toilets requires the use of some specific materials. It is not necessary to spend much to have clean and smelling Toilets. There are excellent products on the market at affordable prices.


Therefore, to clean the Toilets, you will need the following products:


  • chlorine or bleach;
  • liquid detergent;
  • disinfectant;
  • glass cleaner;
  • bactericidal.

The necessary cleaning materials are:

  • sponge;
  • gloves;
  • cloth;
  • broom and squeegee;
  • toilet cleaner and brush.

2. Wash the toilet well

Cleaning the toilet should be a priority. After all, this item is considered to be one of the dirtiest in the Toilets. Therefore, it is essential to use the necessary equipment, such as plastic or silicone gloves to protect your hands and nails and avoid contact with any debris or dirt and maintain health.


The first thing to do is pour a little bleach and let it soak for a few minutes. Then, you must rub the inside with a specific loofah, called a brush or remover to remove the accumulated dirt around the ceramic. Pass antibacterial products to eliminate microorganisms. If you want to strengthen the cleaning, you can use disinfectants with whitening power and that remove stains.


The external side must also be cleaned with detergent, baking soda, vinegar, or specific fat removers. These products have a more creamy consistency and are ideal for removing the bacteria that usually concentrate in that location.


To give a final touch, use sanitary deodorizers to flavor the environment. There are several types of products on the market, with or without support, in the shape of stone, gel, adhesive tablet, etc.


3. Give special attention to the box

The tiles, the floor, and the box grouts accumulate a lot of waste. Cleaning is recommended weekly (or whenever you feel the need). You don't have to be afraid to scratch or stain this material. They are manufactured with this in mind, and cleaning is not usually very aggressive.


The ideal is to use hot water mixed with a neutral detergent and rub the wall tiles with a loofah. Then just rinse until the soap layer is removed with the thickest dirt. You can use this same process to clean the shower glass and the floor that is on the floor. In the case of glass, you can do even more and polish furniture to create a thin layer of protection that will repel water and prevent grease stains.


If the grouts in your box are stained or slime, there are specific cleaning materials, based on chlorine, to remove these stains. But, be careful and always use gloves to avoid contact with the skin and do the cleaning quickly so as not to inhale the product for a long time.


4. Clean the drains frequently

Like the toilet, the drains are also a very contaminated place and require more attention. The Toilets contains at least two drains. One is located in the stall and the other near the toilet and sink. The drain of the box usually smells and is the dirtiest, as it accumulates impurities from the body, such as body hair and soap, shampoo, conditioner residues.


Therefore, it is important to carefully clean the drain. Put a solution of bleach and detergent and use a large brush to remove the thickest dirt crust. Then, add vinegar or antibacterial to complement the cleaning.


What care should you take with cleaning?

It is important to take care before, during, and after cleaning the Toilets. Check out:


Keep the area ventilated

A Toilets is a damp place by nature, especially after bathing. It is important to keep it always ventilated and allow air to enter to prevent the appearance of mold and a bad smell.


Leave the place tidy

Most people usually have a routine of daily care and personal hygiene in the Toilets: skincare, tooth brushing, makeup, etc. However, avoid leaving clothes and objects lying around. Prioritize for keeping the environment organized.


Clean the environment frequently

You should do the cleaning at least once a week, or whenever you notice that the Toilets are dirty and need to be cleaned.


Use a flavoring

Aromatizers are great to complement the cleanliness of the Toilets and leave a pleasant smell of the environment that has just been cleaned. You can place them on top of the sink cabinet or inside the toilet.


Do not use the toilet cleaning materials in another location

It is very important that the cloth, brush, and loofah that were used to clean the vase are not used to sanitize other parts, such as tiles and the floor. This is essential care to avoid contamination and ensure your health and that of the whole family.


Knowing how to clean the Toilets properly will help you save time. In this sense, it is important to have a routine to leave the apartment smelling and clean. In this way, you guarantee more hygiene of the environment and help to prevent bad smell and the proliferation of bacteria. So, plan your house cleaning and don't forget to include the Toilets.