The Traditional Chinese Medicine Guide To Skincare in Winter



Our beauty salons are not yet accustomed to consulting doctors, in addition to beauty, who can also give therapeutic recommendations. Therefore, the information presented in this article can accurately and effectively help you to work on correcting and improving the skin condition through the general improvement of the body.


Traditional Chinese medicine has accumulated invaluable experience that allows a person to not only maintain but also to return to beauty and health, and you and I have a unique chance to take advantage of this experience.


Beauty Care using herbs from traditional Chinese medicine has become an integral part of Chinese medicine and is rightly considered a pearl in its treasury. Ever since the Tang Dynasty (618-907), beauty care has been developing steadily as a specialized field of knowledge. Even today, the ancient recipes have not lost their importance, because it is on their basis that skincare products continue to be developed today.


The ancient recipes of traditional Chinese medicine are used in making beauty care products. It is clear that in ancient times no synthetic or artificial ingredients were used for preparing skin care products because they simply did not exist. And today, natural skincare products are made using the same ancient technologies, also exclusively from natural products of plant or animal origin, but with the most modern equipment.


Oriental medicine is characterized by an "internal" approach to "external" problems. Chinese cosmetologists are convinced that "the appearance is the mirror of the body", that is all internal problems, diseases, bad habits and tendencies are reflected in a person's appearance.


According to them, the main causes of poor appearance, aging, and skin imperfections are:

  • poor blood supply,
  • the body's accumulation of toxins and waste products,
  • somatic diseases,
  • impaired skin respiration
  • General energetic imbalance of the whole body.

All these disorders affect not only the general well-being of the person but also the skin - pigment spots or rashes, increased skin dryness, or simply decreased turgor, which is manifested as sagging, wrinkles, swelling, etc.

In China, since ancient times they started taking care of their appearance by taking care of their health, and not only physically but also mental.


Conditions And Problems Of The Skin

Now let's discuss some problems and conditions for the skin. If you can identify the problem then it becomes easier to treat or treat the problems. As the appearance of the skin is closely related to skin condition that why you Traditional Chinese Medicine can be a great help to take care of your skin. Let's dig in.


Red Skin Tone

It may indicate heart disease or exposure to extreme heat conditions. If the entire face is red, it indicates an excess of the fever type resulting from the perception of external pathogens or activation of the yang of internal organs. If you find redness in the cheeks it a symptom due to yin deficiency. 

White (pale) Skin Tone

Reflects lung diseases, correlates with cold syndromes such as shortage, blood loss, and excess yin or lack of yang. A pale, swollen face indicates a lack of yang-qi and a pale, emaciated face indicates a lack of blood. 


Yellow (jaundiced) complexion


If the skin of the entire body, including the face, has a yellow tint, this indicates jaundice. Pale yellow skin occurs when there is a lack of qi and blood. 


Blue (cyanotic) complexion 


This can happen due to liver diseases, blood cognition, and exposure to extreme coldness. Paleness with a bluish tinge is an indication that there is an acute pain within the abdomen with an accumulation of yin and coldness.  If you are having a deep blue lip and feeling pain in the heart then it indicates there is a block in the heart.


Black (dark) complexion 


This is a clear indication of kidney disease and connected with syndromes of kidney qi deficiency and blood stasis. When there is a lack of kidney qi with lower back pain and coldness of the limbs, the face becomes pale dark color. A dark, dull complexion with cracked skin indicates prolonged blood stagnation.

Now let’s learn about some tips for the most common skin conditions and problems in winter.


  1. Dry skin

Symptoms: peeling, irritation, tightening

Causes from the point of view of Western medicine: the destruction of the hydrolipid mantle; rapid accumulation of keratins.

The reasons from the point of view of TCM:  Disruption in the functioning of the lungs, large intestine, three heaters, kidneys.

Suggested preparations:  Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion

  1. Sensitive skin

Symptoms: peeling, burning, tightening; reactions to water, cosmetics, and food.

Causes from the point of view of Western medicine:  impaired functioning of the immune system, stress, hypoxia, constipation.

The reasons from the point of view of TCM:   Disturbances in the functioning of the spleen, gallbladder, large intestine, lungs, kidneys.

Suggested preparations: Natural skincare products for sensitive skins

  1. Mixed Type Skin

Symptoms: oily areas of the skin in the area of ​​the nose, forehead, chin combined with dysfunction of the sebaceous glands.

Causes from the point of view of Western medicine: background disturbance of the hydrolipid mantle is combined with dysfunction of the sebaceous glands.

The reasons from the point of view of TCM:  disturbances in the functioning of the gallbladder and liver, the channel of the three heaters, the spleen, and the pancreas.

Suggested preparations:  Natural Skin Concern Products


  1. Acne

Symptoms: inflammatory elements of diffuse localization up to a pea in size: face, chest, back.

Causes from the point of view of Western medicine: sharp hormonal changes, inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract, constipation, hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands, active external pollution.

The reasons from the point of view of TCM:  disorders in the functioning of the lungs, intestines, liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, and pancreas, kidneys.

Suggested preparations: Acne control treatment products


Now that you know about the wonderful benefits of traditional Chinese medicine for winter skincare, so you may be wondering how to get these benefits for your skincare. No worries, Serendipity House Limited has a trusted collection of all the renowned brands to take care of your beauty with the power of traditional Chinese medicine. 


Have you tried any of these ancient Chinese beauty tricks?